Viewing Trip Marbella, Spain


Advanced technology such as 3D tours, VR, and high-quality pictures make it easier than ever to view properties virtually, there is nothing that can replace the first-person point of view. 

We always recommend our clients to schedule a viewing trip down here to the sun.
Usually, we spend 2-3 days with our clients depending on what they are looking for. During these days we enjoy property viewings, beautiful scenery and of course meetings with our power-team consisting of a solicitor, mortgage broker, letting/management agent etc.

When you book your viewing trip with us at Cocoon Marbella, you ensure yourself that you will not only be viewing properties, but you will also be able to enjoy yourselves while doing so. 

The majority of our clients like to combine the viewing trip with a holiday. Meaning they would like to enjoy and utilize every day. This is why we always make sure to make the viewing experience interesting and enjoyable. Visits to the best local coffee place, interesting viewpoints and much more. Instead of only viewing the property, we allow our clients to view the area so that they can truly decide if it feels like home.

Through our power-team of trusted partners, we offer you everything that you need in order to make a secure property purchase in Spain. 

Below you can download the full viewing-trip agenda with all the information about what to do before leaving and how the days in Spain are structured.